C175-20 Set to Help Power Iowa Fertilizer Co. Plan

Nestled in the southeastern-most corner of Iowa, Lee County boasts scenic views of the Mississippi, an economic resurgence in manufacturing jobs, and currently one of the largest construction sites in the state — the Iowa Fertilizer Co.

Located between Burlington and historic Ft. Madison in the village of Wever, the Iowa Fertilizer Co. plant is a $1.8 billion facility set to go online late in 2015. Iowa Fertilizer will also be the first globally-distributed fertilizer plant completed in the United States in the last quarter century, drastically reducing domestic dependence on imported nitrogen fertilizer, urea and diesel exhaust fluid.

A logistics provider dream-come-true, the plant is bordered by barge traffic on the Mississippi, BNSF rail lines, and the US-61 corridor, which dissects I-80 in the Quad Cities and I-70 in St. Louis, making coast-to-coast product distribution well within reach.

Altorfer Power Systems was tasked with providing the Iowa Fertilizer Co. with several standby generators, and one of the units installed was a CAT C175-20. Teaming with International Supply Co., the project was one of the most challenging endeavours for both companies. Resting on a UL 142 fuel base, the C175-20 was the first of its kind sold by Altorfer, so an experienced and professional team, led by service technician Brett Peters, was solidly in place for project delivery.

For ISCO, clearing several on-site physical footprint hurdles were tasked to our engineering and assembly teams which designed and set a massive remote radiator application, exhaust piping system and discharge hood to the unit. With the C175-20 engine being so large, ISCO engineers determined the best plan of action was to secure the radiator to the roof of the enclosure, instead of being engine-mounted.

Standing over eight feet tall and capable of creating four megawatts of electricity, the C175-20 is a four-stroke, water-cooled diesel engine fed by CAT’s ACERT common-rail fuel injection system, which helps keep consumption low, recovery time to a minimum, and efficient starting in cold weather.

“It’s an awesome machine, capable of accepting 100% of its rated load in a single step,” remarked Altorfer Power Systems sales representative Dave Harris. “This (Wever project) will be one of the first 4000kW diesel packages of its kind installed in the U.S.”

From supplying packaging solutions to data centers, financial institutions, energy providers and hospitals across the country, to bringing one of our largest packaged enclosures on-site to one of the largest construction projects in Iowa, International Supply Co. has the means, the people and the experience to ensure quality without compromise.

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