July 15, 2014

EDELSTEIN – When we hire new electrical or mechanical engineers at International Supply Co., one of the words of advice they often hear from our team is “no customer and no project are alike.”

It isn’t meant to scare them but rather to prepare them for the uniqueness of our customers and their projects – and it’s a motto that has kept ISCO’s people, products and power running since day one.

Through every step in the process of customizing a product, we keep that uniqueness in mind – the project is unique, and so is our customer. “Intelligent design” means everything is tailored to your exact specifications, and we will go out of our way as much as it takes to meet your criteria.

Our use of technology – from design and engineering to manufacturing and testing – is second-to-none. The engineers assigned to your product immerse themselves in a cycle of “conception to completion,” meaning that from the very first phone call to final on-site assembly, our team is there to ensure any questions or concerns you might have are met and answered in a timely and thorough manner.

“No customer and no project are alike” isn’t just a piece of friendly advice – it’s a way of life at International Supply Co. It’s what drives us to be there for our customers.