April 1, 2014

EDELSTEIN — From the first day International Supply Co. opened its doors in 1983, we’ve built a company — and a culture — on the word commitment.

A commitment to quality, a commitment to our customers and a commitment to each other; these have been a foundation for a company that has withstood good times, down times and everything in between. Our corporate bedrock is solid, sturdy, and as sound as the products we manufacture.

As we partner, listen and deliver the highest quality power packaging and integration products in the industy, we continue to challenge ourselves to learn and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers. There is no ceiling to the amount of growth and opportunities in this industry, so to ensure mutual development with our customers, ISCO maintains the highest levels of communication between our engineering, design, manufacturing, logistical and assembly teams.

There are no shortcuts in any of our processes at International Supply Co.

Through 31 years of growth, we realize that our strength lies with the commitment each and every one of us makes to our customers — growth is a cyclical process — we won’t grow unless you grow. As ISCO moves forward with the most intelligent, durable and powerful packaging systems in the industry, we hope that we can continue to share in your successes, and be an integral part in our nation’s economic revival.