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Spring 2015 Update

The old saying in the power generation industry is that business is won or lost in the field; this adage is not only the motto of ISCO’s field service team, but our sales team, whom have made frequent trips across the country to various job sites to assist in product installation. From San Jose, California to Newark, New Jersey and all points in between, 2015 has been “flying” by!

Sales Manager Brett Dean speaks from his years of experience on a number of different job sites: “while each job site is different, we try to bring the same positive attitude and commitment to service, no matter how daunting the task may be. From a one-unit site to sites requiring 20-plus units, quality in the field is a goal we strive to reach for every customer.” Dean has commended his sales team for the lengths they’ve gone to see a project through. “The sales process doesn’t end with a purchase order or a shop release. Many job sites have required ISCO representation beyond a single service tech, so the role of project manager may often go to a salesman,” Dean said.

“It’s great to get your safety gear on and be out in the field with our ISCO technicians,” sales representative Gary Sparks said after returning from a project on the east coast. “Being there for rigging, installation and even the first few engine burns gives me, as a salesman, the tools I need to bring back to the office and help my customers understand the processes involved,” Sparks said. “As complex as some sites have been, it’s ongoing education, too.”

Having just moved into a sales role from our marketing department, Bobby Metzinger has experienced life on the road in great length this year, having spent almost eight weeks at sites in California, Washington state and Wyoming. “As someone relatively new to the industry, it’s been great to work with our guys in the shop and then have that hands-on training and knowledge translate over into field service work,” Metzinger said. “To see a project conceptualized in the office, come to life in the shop and then hauled clear across the country to a job site gives you a greater understanding and perspective on the scope and scale of what we do at ISCO. These aren’t cookie cutter templated projects. These are engineered and manufactured to the exact specifications demanded by our customers.”

To find out more on how our ISCO Field Service technicians can assist product installation on your job site, please call our Field Service director, Jim Mason, at 309.249.6211 x640 or email at

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