April 23, 2014

DES MOINES — When someone mentions Des Moines, Iowa, many images are conjured up; those of corn, cows, and an urban center flanked by both.

But a new cash crop has been emerging in Iowa – the data center.

Today, Iowa’s capital city sits at a literal crossroads of commerce — the city is dissected by the second longest east-west Interstate Highway (I-80) and the third longest north-south Interstate Highway (I-35) in the country. But just as traffic flows through and around the greater Des Moines area, so too has big data, and with the recent announcement of Microsoft building its second data center in West Des Moines, the Redmond, Washington-based company has committed to over $2.5 billion in regional economic development in the past five years.

But it doesn’t stop with Microsoft. Facebook is in the midst of bringing a 476,000 sq. ft. data center facility in Altoona online in 2015, while Google is slated to strengthen its foothold in the state by expanding their existing data center in Council Bluffs to the tune of $400 million. Talk about a new “Silicorn Valley.”

But why Iowa? In a state known for its reliable and accessible populous, it’s the reliable and accessible energy grid, high-speed fiber and few natural disasters that makes the Hawkeye State soar for the ever-expanding data center industry.

The economic harvest, for Iowans it seems, will be bountiful.

International Supply Co. has also invested heavily in Iowa, with several projects currently underway for customers who call the Hawkeye State home. We’re incredibly excited about all the current and upcoming developments in Polk Co., and throughout the region.

At ISCO, we’re committed to keep big data moving forward through intelligent power solutions.

For an inside look at ISCO’s project map, click here: http://www.elhisco.com/#!projectmap/c13jg

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