Customer Service & Quality Control? Yes, there’s an app for that!

EDELSTEIN – From the first day International Supply Co. opened its doors for operations in 1983,
technology and staying ahead of tech and engineering trends has been the backbone of a
company founded upon detailed customer service and a commitment to quality.

For ISCO field service representatives, staying technologically astute has helped to solve customer
questions regarding shipping, re-assembly, installation and overall quality control. Today, this can be
conducted in real-time, so that questions can be addressed and solved within minutes. We know that
time is money, so we are adopting the latest in technology to keep seconds from turning into hours.

Using iPad Mini devices, along with the file-sharing app Dropbox, our field service reps can share
photos, request renderings or gather other project information from ISCO offices in Edelstein. Using
Dropbox, we can quickly upload and sync these documents directly to the field service rep using the
iPad — no matter where in the United States that rep is located — within seconds. Instead of waiting for
an e-mail or worrying about the size of attached files, we can easily push large files and photos through
to our reps and customers.

It’s the attention to detail that has made ISCO the industry leader in power integration. Now, it’s using
that attention to detail to bolster quality control and customer satisfaction, all with the touch of a button (or two).

“Every day, we use technology to improve our personal lives and to stay connected with people; at International Supply Co., we’re using that same concept to enhance relationships with our customers by advancing technology offerings in the field,” said ISCO vice president Duane Dean.

Real-time solutions equal real results for our customers.

Keep moving forward,


Bobby Metzinger
Sales & Marketing
International Supply Co., a Division of Fibrebond Corp.
309.249.6211 x 635