January 1, 2014 – After celebrating 30 years in the power integration generation business in 2013, International Supply Co. aims for even greater and more forward goals in 2014.

“Forward ISCO,” the company’s re-branding initiative, essentially took root 30 years ago, when founder Lee Hofmann realized that the company needed to take the lead in the integration of power generating products. The forward-thinking Hofmann conceptualized a strategy of partnering, listening and
delivering as spokes of a three-pronged hub geared for winning and retaining customers, many of which are still calling on ISCO thirty years later. According to Hofmann, “we listen to our customers, and instead of doing what our competitors are doing -— just selling product — we work with our customers and build what they need. That’s been priority number one since day one.”

Through six physical plant expansions, five U.S. presidents and three decades of regional, national and global economic swings, ISCO has been a staple of commerce in central Illinois. Located just minutes from Interstate 74 and 30 miles south of Interstate 80, ISCO is also situated near BNSF rail terminals and water freight locations on the Illinois River, meaning that from a logistical standpoint, no project is too daunting to deliver.

ISCO’s physical location in the “Heart of Illinois” means that a personal touch is not only necessary, it’s required through every project — no matter the size. “Because we build here and test here, we welcome customers on-site during every step of the process. Our doors are always open,” says Hofmann, adding that Peoria is connected to major hubs via Chicago O’Hare, Dallas – Fort Worth, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis and Denver.

That “small-town” touch has been in ISCO’s DNA since Hofmann hired his first employee in 1983, Duane Dean. Now serving as ISCO’s Vice President, Dean said that “ISCO prides itself on accessibility. If there is a problem, we make it right. We have a dedicated team of employees who understand the product and the culture. A lot of them have been around 15, 20 years and can speak to your project just as much as we can.”

Hofmann still acknowledges that future progress ultimately relies on what you’ve done in the past. “This is a relationship business,” Hofmann said. “This is a niche industry and, good or bad, word gets around quickly. We’re perceived in the industry as customer-friendly, and we want to maintain that reputation over the next 30 years.”


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From humble beginnings in Edelstein, Illinois, ISCO has been packaging for the power generation industry for 30 years.
ISCO’s 150,000 sq. ft physical plant has the capability and capacity to deliver any multiple-unit projects and the manpower to see it through to its final destination.