March 18, 2014

EDELSTEIN — In last month’s newsletter, we mentioned the fact that ISCO is well-equipped to meet state, local and federal regulations when it comes to sound rating, emissions and even building codes.

Recently, a project for a pharmaceutical wholesale company with a distribution warehouse just outside of Orlando, highlighted our capabilities in the Sunshine State.

Commissioned to design, manufacture and assemble an enclosure for a Caterpillar 3516C standby diesel generator set providing 2500kW of power at 480V, we knew going into the project that Florida Building Commission regulations are among the most stringent and thorough in the United States. The process, though daunting, was nothing too insurmountable for ISCO.

In order to keep freight costs to a minimum, ISCO designed the entire unit, even down to the steps and platform, to be disassembled before making the 1,100 mile trek from Edelstein to Orlando; ISCO provided an on-site team of technicians to reassemble the unit once it arrived.

While those steps might seem challenging, frustrating and somewhat unnecessary with today’s advancements in logistics, just making sure the unit could be assembled in the state of Florida is considerably more demanding.

Each unit that we design for our Florida-based customers is stamped by a third-party Professional Engineer licensed by the state; the PE reviews ISCO’s plans and provides structural calculations to verify the design per job site location and wind load design (per ASCE 7-10) and approves ISCO’s electrical plans and AC load calculations.

After the PE approved and stamped our plans, they were submitted to a third-party inspection agency licensed by the state. The inspection agency reviewed and approved our Quality Control systems, documents and processes to ensure they met Florida requirements. After that, the agency approved the PE-stamped plans and conducted two plant inspections to verify that the construction and modular panel connections were in compliance with the approved plans and to provide a final review (prior to shipment) which included dielectric testing of ISCO mounted electrical items. This agency also provided confirmation to the state of Florida that the unit satisfied all requirements and then applied their approval label to the front cover of the AC panel.

As soon as this process was finalized, ISCO received an approved building label from the state of Florida to apply it to the same AC panel, along with a manufacturer’s data plate and code reference plate.

For this specific project, our enclosure was rated to handle a wind load rating of 150 mph, which required more welded connections, wall and roof stiffeners, welded structural channel cross-bracing and interior square tube support structures. Going the extra step for our customer, we installed Dade County-approved hurricane rated stationary intake louvers at the rear and sides of the enclosure to provide ample combustion and cooling air to the generator set.

ISCO’s safety features in and around the enclosure included interior emergency release handles that glow in the dark and allow emergency exit even if the doors are locked on the inside. To assist technicians servicing the engine, the doors are equipped with spring type door open holders to keep them from slamming shut on a windy day. ISCO also applied anti-skid tape on the top of the base in the walkways.

The generator base tank assembled for this client is the largest capacity UL 142 diesel fuel tank that ISCO has ever manufactured in 31 years of operations. Measuring at 48.5′ long, 12′ wide and 6′ tall, this fuel tank will provide 96 hours of operation to the 3516C under full load at 90% tank capacity. The fuel tank is compliant to Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requirements and featured a litany of accessories, including:

  • Low, high and rupture basin alarm switches
  • 2″ exterior manual fill with a 7.5 gallon spill containment
    canister that drains back to the main tank
  • Morrison mechanical overfill prevention valveRochester
    6500 series mechanical fuel level gauge
  • Exterior mounted high fuel alarm box mounted in a NEMA 3R
    enclosure near the fuel fill with an audible horn and alarm beacon
  • Normal and emergency tank and rupture basin vents located
    exterior to the enclosure and extended 12′ above grade

Due to the extreme height of the base tank, ISCO designed and fabricated galvanized access steps, platforms, and handrails with fiberglass grating to access the walk-in enclosure. The unit featured two sets of platforms, one per side down the entire length of the unit. Each platform had one set of steps and each assembly was cantilevered off the base sides to reduce footprint requirements and the need for a level grade beyond the generator pad.

For building load distribution purposes, ISCO provided a total of four 2500A circuit breakers. Two served as generator main A and B. The other two served as portable generator A and B. The “A” breakers were mounted on one side of the generator set in an ISCO fabricated, floor-standing circuit breaker box and faced towards a double door for code clearance. The same configuration was done for the “B” breakers on the opposite side of the generator set. With a constant design eye focused towards ease and saving time, the floor standing breaker boxes were actually shipped attached to the engine side rails via heavy duty steel plate brackets.

After rigging the brackets were removed and the cabinets set on the base floor. This prevented the need for on-site cable re-connections between the generator and feeder breakers. To help the electrical contractor even further, ISCO’s fuel tank base features access hatches with handles and gasketing through the base side walls to allow easy access for landing their building load cables and even portable generator cables in the future, if the need should arise.

We’re incredibly proud of meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations when it comes to the quality of our projects and our ability to work to ensure that even the toughest of state regulations are met. If you would like to find out more about how we can deliver, assemble and install units no matter where your customers are located, please contact our sales manager Brett Dean at 309.249.6211 x 636.

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