Do you recall the 2003 Northeast blackout? The cascading shutdown of 256 power plants left an entire region without grid electricity. All of New York City’s 58 hospitals had to rely on backup power. Even though the hospitals were equipped with UPS and backup generators, over half of them experienced backup power failures. Unfortunately, many backup generator systems are not suited for the demands of emergency situations, as needs outgrow their initial design and upgrades are postponed due to cost.

Job site work and integration can be expensive and difficult to keep on schedule,” says Brett Dean of International Supply Co. (ISCO). “Our engineered products and services allow for the end user to receive a finished unit ready to be connected to their emergency power system.

With a long and successful history of transforming even the most complicated designs on paper into seamlessly integrated on-site solutions, International Supply Co. is prepared to customize your optimal power solution. When it comes to packaging a complete power generation solution, our customers trust us to bring everything together – and there has never been a better time to invest in a high quality, reliable generator set from a time-tested supplier.

Generator set lead times from the OEMs have been improving because the raw materials market has been relatively stable over the last several years,” says Dean. “Now is a good time to take advantage of that market stability, rather than purchase in the future that could see higher steel, aluminum, and copper prices.

ISCO generator sets are designed and manufactured to outperform your needs. A sound attenuating enclosure and exhaust design dampens acoustic output, making for a quiet power generator that is well below state and local noise level restrictions. ISCO can even accommodate multiple generators in a single enclosure, reducing job site footprint and lowering costs. Enclosure roofs are fully welded and coated with elastomeric acrylic paint for resilient weather protection. A bolted panel design allows for easy access for generator set maintenance. Furthermore, ISCO offers fuel tank options up to and exceeding 15,000 gallons that are all UL listed, ensuring each tank design has met strict testing standards. As they are classified as industrial equipment shelters, costly occupied building codes do not apply to ISCO enclosures.

As a division of Fibrebond, ISCO is committed to the custom design and manufacture of industry leading generator sets, providing essential and reliable power when you need it most.  When you partner with ISCO for your generator set and enclosure needs, you can be confident you are getting nothing but the highest quality products and top notch customer service.

We have over 30 years of experience providing integrated solutions to the generator set market. Our units are all modeled within 3D CAD software to ensure a high-quality product, which means that our drawings can then be imported into the job site models,” says Dean. “Ultimately, a fully integrated product provided by ISCO will have a quicker lead time and be more cost efficient over job site contractors.

When it comes to enclosures, ISCO has you covered.

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