Engine OEM generators—like all generators—are incredibly loud. What many may not realize, though, is that generator noise can be loud enough to run afoul of local noise ordinances and disrupt neighboring properties, causing conflict. And that is something no business owner wants to face.

This kind of unnecessary stress can be easily resolved with innovative solutions like the power generator enclosures from International Supply Company (ISCO). With generator enclosures and fuel bases engineered and manufactured by ISCO, it is easy to comply with local noise regulations and decrease complaints from neighboring business. We deliver dependable, quality generator enclosures and unparalleled technical field support that extends well beyond the sale.

Generator noise comes from both the moving parts of the machine and the combustion itself. Together, they can easily generate noise exceeding 100 decibels. Given these high levels, it’s a good practice to keep such noise down right from the beginning. Even if your business has an excellent relationship with neighboring properties, no one wants to get used to noise levels that exceed local ordinances. Some neighbors may be particularly sensitive to even lower-level noise. Hospitals and hotels, for example, have to do everything they can to ensure the comfort of their patients and customers.

Fortunately, there is a good solution for everyone. If your company needs to use your generators more than a few hours a day, generator enclosures are a must. Enclosures not only reduce noise pollution, they also increase the lifespan of vital generator equipment and help reduce air pollution. Indeed, ISCO equipment will not only give you peace of mind in knowing that you have met stringent sound codes and specifications, they will also decrease air pollution with emissions filtration systems that meet Tier IV and/or CARB regulations. What more could you want from an enclosure?

ISCO understands that one size—or option—doesn’t fit all. That’s why we are proud to offer many acoustical requirement options and packages to reduce the environmental sound impact of your generator.

We offer Intake and Discharge Sound Baffles with heavy gauge-formed galvanized construction and compression ratios designed to meet specific acoustic applications. All joints and seams are mechanically riveted (no spot welding of any type is allowed in our manufacturing and design process) to allow for superior structural integrity. In addition, we offer Acoustical Intake Penthouses with Acoustic Louvers and Directional Intake and Discharge Hoods constructed of the same materials as the main enclosure for matching acoustic performance and aesthetics. Custom Engine Exhaust packages, High Transmission Block Wall Designs, and other options are also available. All acoustical products are designed to assure proper air delivery for engine operation.

Noise pollution affects the lives of millions of people, but we know you don’t want your neighbors included in that number. ISCO and its parent company, Fibrebond, have almost 70 combined years in the enclosures industry, so no matter the scope or size of the project, you can depend on high levels of quality and commitment.

To learn more about what ISCO can do for your organization, visit iscopower.com today!