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elebrating 33 years of customer service and commitment in 2016, International Supply Company leads the way in engineering and manufacturing creative and intelligent solutions for the power generation industry. As a division of Minden, Louisiana-based Fibrebond, ISCO remains committed to custom power integration and packaging solutions for prime, backup and critical-grade customers across the country and around the world.


Located just 15 miles north of Peoria, Ill. in Edelstein, International Supply Co. has grown from just a handful of employees in 1983, to almost 60 full-time employees in 2016.

Our physical plant covers a total of 500,000 square feet (103,000 of that being indoor space) and in 2013, our employees produced the most units in our history. Being cognizant of the ebbs and flows of the nation’s economic state, our plant has expanded six times in 33 years, and we have always provided exceptional on-the-job development and appealing benefits for our employees and their families. In a community like Edelstein, we stress the value of family, growth and productivity, and our roots certainly run deep.

In addition to our extensive indoor manufacturing coverage, International Supply Co. also operates a state-of-the-art full sheet metal fabrication shop with laser table, sheet metal sheers and press brakes, all customizable to your specifications.

At the root of International Supply Company’s success lies three pillars of a commitment we make to each customer: Partner. Listen. Deliver.

Since 1983, this triumvirate has been at the core of every project we touch, every customer we collaborate with and every finished product we roll off.

No matter the scope or size of your project, International Supply Co. will partner with you to ensure the utmost in quality and attention to detail. Trust is the foundation of any business relationship and we provide an open-door policy for our customers to provide us feedback during the process, keeping the lines of communication open and accessible.

At International Supply Co., we listen and always are in reach during the assembly of your package. Each project, like each customer we serve, is unique, with tailor-made requirements. From the initial idea to the final installation, we continue to be available for our customers, even inviting them to Edelstein to be on-site for unit testing and other quality control procedures.

On-time and above expectation, International Supply Co.ensures that we deliver for you. For 33 years, we have demanded to meet and exceed delivery dates. We set realistic time lines before assembly begins and keep all parties updated through the process; we engineer, fabricate and assemble on-site, so our dates are not affected by outsourcing delays; and every employee at International Supply Co. is committed to upholding our long-standing tradition of meeting the delivery date while also ensuring top quality standards.

Being situated in the “heart” of Illinois, we have quick access to three major Interstate arteries (I-80, I-55 and I-74), BNSF rail lines, a port of call on the Illinois River and air transportation via Peoria’s Gen. Wayne A. Downing International Airport. When it comes to logistical requirements, International Supply Company’s prime location means your units will be delivered on-time and

Quality control and attention to detail highlight each project we handle at International Supply Co.; from superior mechanical and electrical AutoCAD drawings, to an extensive part tracking system for customer-supplied items. As a customer, you will have full-access to all internal quality control checklists, ensuring that from the first phone call to on-site delivery that our process will rise to meet any project challenges along the way.

On-site, we use our own installation crews – often some of the same employees who built and tested the unit – for professional, turn-key results. These crews know each customer’s product inside and out, having “reality-tested” each project even before they are built. Being immersed with each unit gives our crews an eye into the life of the project from idea to installation.


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International Supply Co. has partnered with industries across the board,
and those fields continue to expand:

  • Data Centers & Technology
  • Finance & Banking
  • Mass Media
  • Higher Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Federal Government
  • Federal Government Research
  • Oil & Gas
  • State & Municipal Utilities
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • TCoGen/Heat Recapture
  • Fertilizer Production Plants


From the ground up, International Supply Co. was built on a foundation of trust and openness with our customers; being located in a friendly village in central Illinois, we understand the value of a handshake and a personal touch. We know that if going the extra mile requires a flight or a drive to service your units, we’ll be in the skies or on the road for you. It’s what we do at ISCO and it’s part of the “ISCO Experience” that we hope brings you back to us. From custom specs and design, to manufacturing and installation, we firmly believe that International Supply Company is the total solution for your power generation needs.

ISCO is moving America forward with intelligent power integration and packaging solutions.

To get started on your project, contact our sales team at 309.249.6211.